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Excellent translation plugin
I am deeply impressed, by the ease of use, implementation - and quality of the translations!
Klaus Forster
Hi there, as promised I've rated the plugin top 5 rating! The support is perfect! What makes this a good plugin? The plugin is suits my needs and it comes with great support. I had a reply within the hour and Prisna team understands that you don't want to wait 2 days before getting any response. Top notch support. Keep up the good work.
Bilbao, Spain
Outstanding plugin
I can't say enough good things about this plugin and Prisna. I purchased three licenses for three sites and received excellent support for each. The support service answered my questions promptly and even helped me customize the translator for my particular use/layout. If you need a translator plugin, there simply isn't a better one out there!
München, Germany
Good plugin - great support!
Our website guys from VisitNATURE have tested several translation plugins. The Prisna Plugin is easy to setup - and comes with outstanding support! The plugin translate your site right out of the box - with possibilities to modify the automatic translations. You can see the plugin in action at
Niels Lisborg
Worth it
Works fine and is well supported. This is the best option you can find. It's easy to use and works great, I really recommend it. Nothing better around.
Guangzhou, China
Best Support Ever!
This is the best machine translation plugin and the best support that I ever got. Support started working on my problem within an hour of me submitting my ticket.
Nomadic Mick
Amazing plugin
Amazing plugin and even more amazing support from the team. Highly recommended. I've used translation plugins, but never one that had such an amazing ease of use.
São Paulo, Brazil
Not complicated
Great plugin. Works :-) Very easy to work with. Best and fast support.
Bangalore, India
Best customer service ever!
I have never seen a customer service like this, Developer is available, polite and courteous. Very helpful, provides efficient advice in seconds. I am really thankful and wish to emphasize the quality of the code and the quality of the plugin. Warmly recommended. Thank you very much.
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Simple and effective with great support. Keep it up!
Patrick Dight
Great Plugin Support
Wasn't sure at first if this translation plugin would be a good fit, but am so glad I decided to go ahead & purchase. Easy to set up, comes with a load of optional settings & most crucial of all, outstanding support. Well worth the price.
Highly recommended!
This is a great plugin!!! Very flexible and customizable, beautiful user interface and a nice front end design. Moreover, the company is standing by their product with a great customer support, just to make sure they provide you with the best support they can.
Toronto, Canada
Great interface
One of the most complete features translation plugin, excellent support, fast and helpful.
Athens, Greece
Good value for money
I think it's the best translator plugin for WordPress if you are looking for a simple and fast translator. And if you want, you can easily edit the translations to your own words. The customer service is amazing. You pay for the plugin and you get the full service.
Saint Brieuc, France
Excellent plugin and the support team in Prisna is great. I recommend it 100%. Thank you Prisna Translate (team).
Magnificent technical support
The tech support of this magnificent plugin makes it even better. The answers from the tech support are immediately and helpful, very useful for people like me who don't know much about programming. Wish you a lot of success in business.
Javier Viguera
Hotel La Perle du draa
Je trouve très bien-sur Les Deux sites d'hôtels de l'. Merci a vous
Hotel La Perle du draa
Absolutely brilliant plugin!
The premium Prisna plugin is a first-class tool for any website owner, or blogger who wants to enable audiences from across the world to access online content in different languages. The support team at Prisna is magnificent. They are dedicated and true professionals who are committed to brilliant customer service.
James Irwin
Support was Unbelievable
Not only is the plugin outstanding and easy to use but support is the best I have ever run across. I had a unique situation and they worked a whole day going back and forth until the plugin worked for my needs.
Jeff - Web designer
Excellent plugin and excellent support. Unsurpassed quality and highly recommended!
Jan de Graaf
Quality stuff
This plugin could resolve what I was looking for (and did not find anywhere else). I needed support assistance for completing the task properly, and I received a laser targeted one within just minutes! Thank you!
San Diego, United States
Refreshingly easy to use
I tried every other WordPress plugin to translate my client's site, and the others were so bulky and complicated. Prisna has created a wonderful will be my "go-to" from now on!
Nola Cooper
North Carolina, USA
What I needed
This is a quality plugin that works perfect right out of the box. Great look, and it just work the way I hoped for. Worth every $.
Nurember, Germany
Majestic support
Support on this item is simply outstanding. I've been developing software and internet applications for nearly 20 years and I know good support when I see it.
Brussels, Belgium
Awesome Plugin
Hi After trying several translation plugin on wordpress, I am super happy to have found this one because it is really great. I highly recommend it to all wordpress users ;-)
I had some problems setting it up but i contacted the support and they answered very quickly and did everything as i wanted. Honestly it's the best support i have seen until now and everything works great now !
Very fast and good support
Very fast and good support, explaining everything so the novice user understands what is happening and what to do. Thanks again.
Melbourne, Australia
Great plugin, easy interface
Best translation plugin in my opinion Complex interface with many options, but easy to use. Great work!
Island Rab, Croatia
The best translation plugin
The best translation plugin for WordPress I've come across, it cuts out all the hard work yet allows for a vast amount of customisation. Customer support got back to my requests within minutes.
Cincinnati, United States
Easy to use
Easy installation. Great customization options. But above all the support the extremely amazing. Within minutes. Never seen something like this. A+++
Copenhagen, Denmark
Easy to install, configure and run. Just what a plugin should be. It just works. Excellent.
Bologna, Italy
The fastest and cleanest!
I have tested them all and this really is the last Translation plugin you'll ever look at. You can forget WPML, Polylang, TranslatePress, Translate Revolution, GTranslate and any others, they will all either slow your site down or are not well coded. Prisna's Wordpress Google Website Translator really is the best way to translate Wordpress for the fastest page loading and lowest content management costs - and the SEO URLs, cacheable & indexable content and frontend editor complete all the features you could possibly need to go from automated translations straight away on setup to professional manual translation improvements as you grow. Trust me - try it - and try the others too (just on separate installs because they often leave behind a mess in your database) - I'm sure you'll see what I mean - this is "the one" ;) Requests for future improvement will just be around having some statistics on the percentage of automated and manual translations on each page so that we can see translators progress. And perhaps some way of having one translator working and another checking their work and approving it.
Update plugin
Hi there, I just downloaded the last version of the plugin. How I have to update in my websites, without lose all my custom settings? Best
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